Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint Science Year 7 Study Notes Colored Dr. Maher Galal


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This book is designed based on the latest curriculum and provides a detailed explanation of each lesson, followed by practical questions from the checkpoint exams. Each lesson is accompanied by colorful illustrative images.

The book covers three separate branches: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It provides comprehensive explanations and examples for each topic, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The book’s approach is geared towards facilitating learning and helping students prepare for their exams effectively.

Throughout the book, visual aids and colorful images are included to enhance the understanding of the concepts. These visual representations assist in making the content more engaging and accessible to the readers.

The book is organized in a systematic manner, with each chapter focusing on a specific topic and progressing in a logical sequence. The detailed explanations help students grasp the fundamental concepts, while the accompanying practical questions from the checkpoint exams allow for immediate application and evaluation of the learned material.

By incorporating a comprehensive coverage of the subjects, detailed explanations, practical application, and visual aids, this book aims to provide students with a comprehensive resource to excel in their studies and successfully navigate their examinations in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

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